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 (wôl′dō, wäl′-) or Val·do (văl′-, väl′-), Peter Also known as Peter or Pierre Valdès. fl. 12th century.
French religious leader who founded the Waldenses and was excommunicated in 1184.


n, pl -dos or -does
(Tools) a gadget for manipulating objects by remote control
[C20: named after Waldo F. Jones, inventor in a science-fiction story by Robert Heinlein]


(ˈwɔl doʊ, ˈwɒl-)

Pierre or Peter, died c1217, French religious reformer, declared a heretic.
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The governor appointed Rosalyn Nguyen Chafey, Derek Valdo and Rebecca Wurzburger.
? The playbill for opening night at the Tower of Varieties and Circus looks crazily exotic: the Wonderful Brothers Clarke; Adas and Vulcana; Three Escaladors; Mademoiselle Pamamoto; Little Valdo (The Funniest Clown on Earth); Chiyokichi; The Leglere Troupe (famous acrobats); Three Martinettis; Willie Richard (alias Rabbit); The Mayos; Edgar and Eugene; Cliffe Berzac (animal acts); and last but not least, but possibly highest, The Zoes (champion aerial flying gymnasts).
Among her most valuable contributions is the information she obtained from an interview with Valdo Freeman, the composer's son, a baritone who was frequently featured in leading roles in his father's operas.
According to him, at Jababeka Golf with 18 holes designed by world class golfer Nick Valdo, the players should hit the second shot passing through the lake.
Valdo Kalm, CEO of The Port of Tallinn, and Chairman of the Management Board of the Port of Tallinn, stated to The Baltic Times, that along with himself, The Old City Harbour Master plan jury consisted of Hele-Mai Metsal (director of the Infrastructure Development Department of the Port of Tallinn), Endrik Mand (chief architect of the City of Tallinn), Peeter Pere (vice-chairman of the Estonian Association of Architects), and Ular Mark (a member of the Estonian Association of Architects).
Valdo Yamba, journaliste a la televison congolaise "50" a indique a l'envoye special de l'Agence TAP a Kinshasa que les deux equipes partent a chances egales affirmant toutefois que l'equipe hote aura l'avantage du terrain et du public.
In my glass Valdo Marca Oro Extra Dry Prosecco NV (I paid PS8, 11% abv, Sainsbury's) has typical flavours of apples and melons but the extra-dry style gives the wine a touch more definition and personality than a simple prosecco.
Portanto, a tentativa de Demetrio e Valdo contrariarem essa forca feminina que preside a familia--e que conta com a presenca real de Nina e Ana--acaba por resultar no infortunio de todos.
As was explained to me by Pierluigi Bolla, President of Valdo, from Pasternak Wine Importers, the name 'Prosecco' was starting to appear in places like Romania, Croatia, Brazil and China In order to protect the name, the region was named 'Prosecco,' thus forbidding its use by others.
The Waldensian church was founded in the 12th century by a wealthy merchant from Lyon, France, Pierre Valdo, who gave up his belongings to preach a Gospel of simplicity and poverty that condemned papal excesses.