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 (və-lĕn′sē-ĕnz′, vă-läN-syĕn′)
A city of northern France near the Belgian border southeast of Lille. An important medieval town, it became noted for its lace industry in the 1400s.
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(Textiles) a flat bobbin lace typically having scroll and floral designs and originally made of linen, now often cotton
[named after Valenciennes2, where it was originally made]


(French valɑ̃sjɛn)
(Placename) a town in N France, on the River Escaut: a coal-mining and heavy industrial centre. Pop: 41 278 (1999)
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(vəˌlɛn siˈɛnz, -ˈɛn)

1. a city in N France, SE of Lille. 43,202.
2. a flat bobbin lace of linen.
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Noun1.Valenciennes - a town in northeastern France long noted for its lace industry
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
2.Valenciennes - a type of bobbin lace with floral patterns
bobbin lace, pillow lace - a handmade lace worked on a pillow with threads wound on bobbins; the pattern is marked out on the pillow by pins
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The French army held all between Pont-a-Marc as far as Valenciennes, falling back upon Douai.
Every stitch in it was handwork; and the little frills of lace at neck and sleeves were of real Valenciennes. Lying on it was a card--"with Leslie's love."
There were caskets of diamonds, cashmere shawls, Valenciennes lace, English veilings, and in fact all the tempting things, the bare mention of which makes the hearts of young girls bound with joy, and which is called the "corbeille."* Now, in passing through this room, Andrea proved himself not only to be clever and intelligent, but also provident, for he helped himself to the most valuable of the ornaments before him.
In the second place, salt-water fish can with care be slowly accustomed to live in fresh water; and, according to Valenciennes, there is hardly a single group of fishes confined exclusively to fresh water, so that we may imagine that a marine member of a fresh-water group might travel far along the shores of the sea, and subsequently become modified and adapted to the fresh waters of a distant land.
A bride (who is going to visit at a baronet's) must have a few first-rate pocket-handkerchiefs; but beyond the absolutely necessary half-dozen, Rosamond contented herself without the very highest style of embroidery and Valenciennes. Lydgate also, finding that his sum of eight hundred pounds had been considerably reduced since he had come to Middlemarch, restrained his inclination for some plate of an old pattern which was shown to him when he went into Kibble's establishment at Brassing to buy forks and spoons.
He never was heard to allude to the bargain, and nobody knows for a certainty what became of the horses, or how he got rid of them, or of Isidor, his Belgian servant, who sold a grey horse, very like the one which Jos rode, at Valenciennes sometime during the autumn of 1815.
MARSEILLE ground out a hard earned 10 win over Valenciennes when the sides met in northern France in August but there should be more goals at the Stade Velo drome today, writes Steve Davies.
A curvaceous and colourful new theatre forms the focus of a major regeneration plan to stimulate the cultural and economic fortunes of Valenciennes.
RENNES v VALENCIENNES 7.45pm THE winner of tonight's clash between Rennes and Valenciennes will move into fourth spot in Ligue 1, but it is easy to have misgivings about either side collecting three points, writes Ian Wilkerson.