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 (vā′lənz, -lĕnz′) ad 328?-378.
Emperor of Rome in the East (364-378) who ruled in conjunction with his brother Valentinian I in the West. He died in a battle against the Goths.


(Biography) ?328–378 ad, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire (364–378); appointed by his elder brother Valentinian I, emperor of the Western Empire


(ˈveɪ lənz)

Flavius, A.D. c328–378, emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire 364–378.
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In the flourishing times of the Roman Empire, it was the ordinary station of the prefect of the eastern provinces; and many of the emperors of the queen city (among whom may be mentioned, especially, Verus and Valens) spent here the greater part of their time.
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With him were fellow rock ''n'' rollers Ritchie Valens and JP 'Big Bopper' Richardson.
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This was the wreckage that was left behind near Clear Lake, Iowa, when a plane crash killed Buddy Holly, fellow musicians Ritchie Valens and JP "Big Bopper' Richardson, and pilot Roger Peterson.
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