Valentines Day

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Val·en·tine's Day

or Val·en·tines Day  (văl′ən-tīnz′)


(or Val′entine) Day`,

February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.
Also called Saint Valentine's Day.
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JOHN DICKSON Happy Valentines Day Love - your wife Michelle.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Wednesday banned media organisations from broadcasting or promoting Valentines Day.
See your Valentine messages on page 23 @LeeGazeprophets: If all the money spent on Valentines day was donated to charities -that''d be a real display of true love to people that actually need some.
Dear Geofferey have a good Valentines Day and I hope you have a lot of fun.