Valentinian I

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Val·en·tin·ian I

 (văl′ən-tĭn′ē-ən, -tĭn′yən) ad 321-375.
Emperor of Rome in the West (364-375) who ruled jointly with his brother Valens in the East. He led numerous military campaigns in Africa and Europe.

Valentinian I

(ˌvælənˈtɪnɪən) or

Valentinianus I

(Biography) 321–375 ad, emperor of the Western Roman Empire (364–375); appointed his brother Valens to rule the Eastern Empire
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Book 30 of the Res Gestae is the fifth book about the reigns of the Pannonian Emperor Valentinian I and Valens.
It is conceded that Theodosius's heroism was of the nonmilitary variety, and while the link to Valentinian is made ostensibly to distinguish the vicious ruin of the West from the religious thriving of Constantinople, it is made nevertheless, in the process referring to the abject chaos of those times.