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(vəˈlɛərə; -ˈlɪərə)
(Biography) See de Valera


(vəˈlɛər ə, -ˈlɪər ə)

Eamon De, De Valera, Eamon.
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Valera faces felony charges of first-degree manslaughter, second-degree rape and controlled substance homicide.
The B event featured Chicago-area players Kyle Tullo edging Jack Conneely in the semis while Aiden Valera beat Lucien Sullivan, with both matches going three games.
in La Paz town in Abra, 16-year-old Erol Eiden Valera was shot in his back in front of his home at Sitio Alimudong, Canan village.
It involves tapping overseas Filipinos as ambassador who will invite their friends to come visit the Philippines," said DOT Regional Director Martin Valera.
Determination of the subsurface resistivities of the Valera metropolitan area, Trujillo state
An Irish nationalist born in the United States with a Spanish father and a consequently distinctive name, de Valera came to personify his country's identity and self-image.
David Gray is remembered in Irish history as the United States Minister to Ireland who fought with Eamon de Valera over Ireland's persistent neutrality during the Second World War and its refusal to send home the Axis diplomats at the specific request of the Allies--the infamous "American Note.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 12, 2015-Moderna Therapeutics introduces Valera
M2 PHARMA-January 12, 2015-Moderna Therapeutics introduces Valera
Charley Valera, a member of the pilots association, splits his time between selling real estate and running the FCA Flight Center at the airport, where people learn how to fly.
com)-- Charley Valera has joined LAER Realty Partners as the newest member of this dynamic sales team.