a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, valerian root; specifically, designating an acid which is usually called valeric acid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Acidul valproic este un acid carboxilic, analog acidului valerianic, cunoscut ca un agent anticonvulsiv si antidepresiv, fiind utilizat in tratamentul epilepsiei, al diverselor tulburari bipolare (manii) sau al depresiei sub denumirea farmaceutica Depakote, Valparin etc.
(Valerianaceae) Iridoid glycosides, valerianic acids###Sleep and anxiety disorders
Roots and rhizomes of VW contain a volatile oil (valerianic oil) containing valerenic acid, isovalerenic acid, and terpineol (Arora and Arora 1963; Nadkarni 1976).
acid; b-pinene; b-sitosterol-glucoside; borneol; bornyl acetate; camphor; caprionic acid; carvone; cinnamic acid methyl ester; cinnamic alcohol; confertiflorin; confertifolin; ellagic acid; fenchone; formic acid; gallic acid; isodrimeninol; isodrimenol; isopolygodial; isorhamnetin; isotadeonal; kaempferol; malic acid; melissic acid; P-cymol; persicarin; persicarin-7-methyl ether; phellandrene; poligonone; polygodial; polygonal; polygonolide; quercetin; quercetin-7-glucoside; quercitrin; rhamnazin; rhamnesin; rutin; sitosterol; tannic acid; terpineol; valerianic acid [17].
source for * Leishmaniasis breeding * Onchocerciasis * Insecticides * Loiasis for buildings Brachycera * Tularemia * Bites cause * As above * Trypanosomiasis relatively * Avoid infested large, painful areas during bite wounds the daytime and secondary hemorrhages Cyclorrhapha * Trypanosomiasis * Bites are not * As above immediately * Avoid infested recognized but areas during in time become the daytime tender, hard swellings; some may produce anaphylactic reaction Note: Mosquitoes and flies find their hosts by chemical signals such as C[O.sub.2] or valerianic acid in sweat.