a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, valerian root; specifically, designating an acid which is usually called valeric acid.
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acid; b-pinene; b-sitosterol-glucoside; borneol; bornyl acetate; camphor; caprionic acid; carvone; cinnamic acid methyl ester; cinnamic alcohol; confertiflorin; confertifolin; ellagic acid; fenchone; formic acid; gallic acid; isodrimeninol; isodrimenol; isopolygodial; isorhamnetin; isotadeonal; kaempferol; malic acid; melissic acid; P-cymol; persicarin; persicarin-7-methyl ether; phellandrene; poligonone; polygodial; polygonal; polygonolide; quercetin; quercetin-7-glucoside; quercitrin; rhamnazin; rhamnesin; rutin; sitosterol; tannic acid; terpineol; valerianic acid [17].
6) In his letter written during the Valerianic persecution, perhaps at the end of 257, to a group of Numidian Christians, headed by nine bishops, who had been banished to the mines, Cyprian praised them for their "zeal in the service of others.