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 (văl-hăl′ə, väl-hä′lə) also Wal·hal·la (wăl-hăl′ə, văl-, wäl-hä′lə, väl-)
n. Norse Mythology
The hall in which Odin received the souls of slain heroes.

[New Latin, from Old Norse Valhöll : valr, the slain in battle; see welə- in Indo-European roots + höll, hall, hall; see kel- in Indo-European roots.]


(vælˈhælə) ,






(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth the great hall of Odin where warriors who die as heroes in battle dwell eternally
[C18: from Old Norse, from valr slain warriors + höll hall]


(vælˈhæl ə, vɑlˈhɑ lə)

(in Norse myth) the hall of Odin into which the souls of those fallen in battle are received.
[1760–70; Old Norse Valhǫll=val(r) the slain in battle, slaughter (c. Old English wæl) + hǫll hall]
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Noun1.Valhalla - (Norse mythology) the hall in which the souls of heros slain in battle were received by OdinValhalla - (Norse mythology) the hall in which the souls of heros slain in battle were received by Odin
Heaven - the abode of God and the angels
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity


[vælˈhælə] NValhala m


nWalhall nt, → Walhalla nt or f
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