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 (vä′yā-do͞o-pär′, bä′yĕ-)
A city of northern Colombia east-southeast of Barranquilla. It is an agricultural trade center.
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Within the framework of the Consa, which met in Valledupar on February 22 and 23, the road map was drawn up, including five points that will be worked on by the Ministry with the Departmental Secretaries of Agriculture, such as:
Colombian cities like Valledupar and MonterE[degrees]a have successfully used this approach to managing urban expansion, experts noted.
Oriente has concessions to operate the following airports in Colombia: the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Santa Marta, the Almirante Padilla Airport in Riohacha, the Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo Airport in Valledupar, the Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucuta, the Palonegro International Airport in Bucaramanga and the Yariguies Airport in Barrancabermeja.
Se vinculo a la Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina--FUAA, sede Valledupar en el ano 2015 y es profesor del programa de Ingenieria Civil.
Among those with public safety projects are the Brazilian cities of Vitoria, Goiania, and Florianopolis; Colombian cities Barranquilla, Valledupar, and Villavicencio; Valdivia in Chile; Guadalajara in Mexico; and Montevideo in Uruguay.
Las que tienen proyectos de seguridad publica incluyen las brasilenas Vitoria, Goiania y Florianopolis; las colombianas, Barranquilla, Valledupar y Villavicencio; Valdivia en Chile; Guadalajara en Mexico, y Montevideo en Uruguay, entre otras.
Things got so bad, said the mayor, that all 22 of the gas stations in Valledupar, the departmental capital located 15 minutes away from La Paz, went bankrupt.
Se trabajo con estudiantes de la Universidad Popular del Cesar sede Valledupar, pertenecientes a los programas de ingenieria y licenciatura en matematicas y fisica.
She works as an associate teacher of medical microbiology at Universidad Popular del Cesar in Valledupar, Colombia.
Ibague (zona Andina) y Valledupar (zona Caribe), son ciudades intermedias de Colombia, se encuentran a 200 y 850 kilometros respectivamente de Bogota, la capital del pais.
260 Ibague 780 Cundinamarca 726 Tunja 554 Bucaramanga 488 Pereira 482 Cali 451 Armenia 416 Medellin 415 Neiva 305 Villavicencio 235 popayan 225 Antioquia 201 Nivel central 199 pasto 180 san Gil 159 Cucuta 127 Riohacha 124 Arauca 91 Cartagena 78 santa Rosa de Viterbo 75 manizales 74 Buga 57 Florencia 53 Barranquilla 43 Quibdo 19 monteria 11 Valledupar 11 mocoa 10 santa marta 7 sincelejo 2 Total general 9.