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 (văl′pə-rī′zō, bäl′pä-rä-ē′sō)
A city of central Chile on the Pacific Ocean west-northwest of Santiago. Founded in 1536, it has frequently been subject to severe earthquakes. The modern city developed as an industrial center and the chief port of Chile in the early 1900s.


(Spanish balparaˈiso)
(Placename) a port in central Chile, on a wide bay of the Pacific: the third largest city and chief port of Chile; two universities. Pop: 275 000 (2005 est)


(ˌvæl pəˈraɪ zoʊ, -soʊ)

a seaport in central Chile. 278,762.
Spanish, Val•pa•ra•í•so (ˌbɑl pɑ rɑˈi sɔ)
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Noun1.Valparaiso - the chief port and second largest city of ChileValparaiso - the chief port and second largest city of Chile; located on a wide harbor in central Chile
Chile, Republic of Chile - a republic in southern South America on the western slopes of the Andes on the south Pacific coast