valproic acid

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val·pro·ic acid

An anticonvulsive drug, C8H15NaO2, given orally and by injection to treat epilepsy.

valproic acid

1. (Pharmacology) a synthetic crystalline compound, used as an anticonvulsive to treat seizure disorders. Formula C7H15COOH
2. (Chemistry) a synthetic crystalline compound, used as an anticonvulsive to treat seizure disorders. Formula C7H15COOH
[C20: from val(erian) + pro(pyl) + -ic]
valˈproate n
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Noun1.valproic acid - anticonvulsant (trade name Depokene) used to prevent some kinds of seizures
anticonvulsant, anticonvulsant drug, antiepileptic, antiepileptic drug - a drug used to treat or prevent convulsions (as in epilepsy)

valproic acid, valproate sodium

(USAN), valproate n ácido valproico, valproato sódico or de sodio, valproato
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The empty boxes for approximately 60 pills of 300 mg valproate sodium extended release were found at her residence.
3 Valproate sodium powder and solvent for solution for injection 0.4 g / ml x 4 4 90
markets for acyclovir sodium injection, an antiviral drug used to treat chicken pox, herpes and other related infections; diltiazem hydrochloride injection, a calcium channel blocker and antihypertensive used to treat hypertension, angina and arrhythmias; famotidine injection, a treatment for ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease; prochlorperazine edisylate injection, an antipsychotic drug used to treat schizophrenia and nausea; and valproate sodium injection, a treatment for epilepsy, seizures, bipolar disorder, anxiety and migraine headaches.
Valproate sodium and related drugs should never be used to prevent migraines in pregnant women, according to a Food and Drug Administration warning.
The guidelines covered available research on migraine prevention and found that, among prescription drugs, the seizure drugs divalproex sodium (Depakote), valproate sodium (Depacon) and topiramate (Topamax), as well as the beta blockers metoprolol, propranolol and timolol, are the most effective for migraine prevention.
The high risk of neural tube defects and other major malformations in babies exposed to valproate sodium and the related products, valproic acid and divalproex sodium, during the first trimester is the focus of a Food and Drug Administration notice to health care professionals.