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a.1.(Biol.) Valvular.
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She was admitted and started on broad-spectrum antibiotics, valval toileting with antiseptics and saline irrigation of the mass.
To run ANCOVAs, genotypes were grouped and encoded as follows: COMT ValVal (1) vs.
Supply of two oil suction pumps, two centrifugal pumps for refining purposes, two pumps for delivering metallic oils, three multistage pumps for the so called Valval unit, also two vacuum pumps.
Topical administration of PDT though considered most appropriate for cervical and valval intraepithelial lesions, the clinical trials with 5-aminolevulinic acid has revealed variable results (31-33).
whose spelling is tautological--are of two kinds: terms such as froufrou and Pago Pago, which were fashioned from two or more identical subunits, and terms such as hotshots and valval, which were not.