Valve stem

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(Mach.) a rod attached to a valve, for moving it.

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the valve stem shall be guided at each end by a bearing; one in the valve cover and one integral with the main valve seat.
Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Key statement: A wheel mounted control assembly receives therethrough the tire valve stem from an air maintenance tire.
In this paper, the valve stem and valve guide contact behavior is investigated for an engine with RFF valvetrain and overhead cam configuration.
The model features a blacked-out appearance with dark 19-inch Rays alloy wheels, black lug nuts, a branded centre cap and red valve stem caps, a dark black tint added to the panoramic sunroof, while the side mirror caps are clad in a matching gloss black finish and interiors with aluminium-alloy sport pedals, a perforated leather steering wheel and front and rear LED map lights.
A unique feature of the NIV Series is the one-piece valve stem that functions as a sealing membrane while also supporting and centralizing the poppet in the seating area.
AD3 Morris quickly repaired the leaky valve stem along with the help and supervision of Cpi Burwell and ensured the tire was filled to the proper PSI.
Global bearings company SKF (STO: SKFB) (LSE: SKFB) (Pink Sheets: SKFRY) announced on Thursday the signing of two agreements with Scania, totalling SEK360m, for the supply of wheel bearings and high pressure valve stem seals.
Additionally, special stem packing materials are developed by Val-Tex Company in the US, to stop valve stem passing or external leaking of crude oil or sour gas to atmosphere, stopping any harm to the personnel or the environment.
The increased drive load is then applied directly and squarely to the valve stem.
Small pressure sensors attached to each tire's valve stem measure and transmit tire pressure and temperature to a monitoring unit that receives the data when it is within 25-50 feet.
Start by cutting off the old valve stem with a side cutters or utility knife.
However, the valve stem position is not easily measurable.