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Noun1.Van Wyck Brooks - United States literary critic and historian (1886-1963)
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Lauck traces the idea that Puritan traditions migrated west to the literary critic Van Wyck Brooks, who wondered what Mark Twain could have become had he not hailed from the "dry, old, barren, horizonless Middle West," "the barrenest spot in all Christendom.
Although he did teach on occasion -- such as at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester during the early 1990s -- he was in essence an unaffiliated man of letters, like Van Wyck Brooks before him, or Blake Bailey today.
Mallios juxtaposes two more important voices with that of Mencken, those of Van Wyck Brooks and Randolphe S.
Ellis won a huge public, including young readers, and, although he was excoriated by professionals, his attuning of history to contemporary priorities proved prescient of a distinctive American strain--what Van Wyck Brooks later dubbed "the search for a usable past.
Ridley postulates a number of parallels and comparisons which might not seem obvious, such as between Emerson and Young Germany, particularly Ludolf Wienbarg, in regard to the demand for activism in literature and the ambivalence towards Goethe; between the Tormdrz and ante-bellum literature, with the Civil War and the foundation of the Reich as literary-historical caesurae respectively; between Emerson and Fontane in connection with the aesthetic transfiguration of reality; between Emerson and Wilhelm Riehl in regard to anthropology with its racialist potential; between the dichotomy of Kultur and Zivilisation and the racism and hostility to the modern of Van Wyck Brooks, or, among the dissidents, between the socialist criticism of Lukacs and Granville Hicks.
Van Wyck Brooks encuentra que Moliere reune, de manera ejemplar, la salud, la imaginacion poderosa, la generosidad humana y la simpatia que caracteriza a los primeros, con el gusto, la delicadeza, el cuidado de las formas literarias y la distincion espiritual que distingue a los ultimos.
Now, finally, a book has appeared called Sensory Awareness: The Rediscovery of Experiencing (Viking Press, 1974), in which the work is beautifully, understandingly and clearly written about by Charles Van Wyck Brooks, student and husband of Charlotte Selver, and for many years her collaborator in teaching.
The James the modernists knew was that of Van Wyck Brooks, author of the 1925 biography, The Pilgrimage of Henry James.
These festivities, once begun, enabled freedman and ex-slaves to inaugurate "a firm foundation of history and tradition" or what Kachun, following Van Wyck Brooks, calls a "usable past.
Kidd also discusses Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self Reliance," several novels by Rudyard Kipling, and the scholarship of Van Wyck Brooks and Leslie Fiedler, whose Love and Death in the American Novel is of particular interest because it focused in part on the homoerotic and racist elements of "bad boy books.
For further discussion of nativism after World War I, see Eliot Asinof, 1919: America's Loss of Innocence (New York, 1989); CaseyNelson Blake, Beloved Community: The Cultural Criticism of Randolph Bourne, Van Wyck Brooks, Waldo Frank, and Lewis Mumford (Chapel Hill, 1990); John Higham, Send These to Me: Immigrants in Urban America (Baltimore, 1984), esp.
William James, plus, decisively, Van Wyck Brooks, whose Letters and