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Noun1.Van de Graaff - United States physicist (1901-1967)
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In his study, van de Graaff measured the upper airway resistance (UAR) in tracheotomized dogs under two test conditions: 1) in the presence of and 2) in the absence of upper airway muscle activity.
Basados en estos conceptos se realizo el desarrollo tecnologico que se presenta, el cual permite la generacion de electricidad estatica mediante un generador de Van de Graaff, el que puede ser tele-controlado por dispositivos moviles con sistema operativo Android.
Van De Graaff notes that this whole area will continue to grow as consumers assume more responsibility in setting up their own appointments.
The Piedrasluengas Limestone, as was first defined by van de Graaff (1971a), has a early Moscovian age (Vereiskian-Kashirskian), and provides a facies model for most of the Carboniferous limestones in the Cantabrian Mountains.
Karger, Owen, and van de Graaff present comparative material from two major disasters of the last decade in two international settings.
En 1931, el fisico Robert van de Graaff, quien se acababa de incorporar a la plantilla del Massachusetts Institute of Technology, desarrollo un generador electrostatico para acelerar particulas (iones positivos).
16) In another canine experiment the next year, Van de Graaff et al reported that the hyoid arch and the attached muscles affected upper airway resistance and patency; they also found that anterior replacement of the hyoid arch resulted in a significant reduction in resistance.
Natural Wonders" demonstrates producing lightening using Dynamitron and Van de Graaff machines.
Three papers appearing in the journal Physical Review C report on experiments at the CERN neutron time-of-flight (n_TOF) facility and the Karlsruhe Van de Graaff accelerator that clarify the processes that affect the abundance of the element osmium-187.
Jan van de Graaff from Sustainability Victoria points out that Byteback--now in its fourth year of operation--is really a pilot scheme established to identify how a broader voluntary e-waste program might operate.
Unfortunately, the 'traditional' electrostatics equipment such as PVC rods, woollen cloths, rabbit skin, Van de Graaff generators and the like can be temperamental and have acquired a reputation for being 'tricky' to use.