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n.1.(Chem.) The hypothetical radical VO, regarded as a characteristic residue of certain vanadium compounds.
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Research conducted in Japan, USA and Canada confirms that Vanadium is changed to Vanadyl Sulphate by stomach acid.
Again, the same procedure was used in 45-day vanadyl treated normal and diabetic rats and the outcome of I/RI that occur during an acute stroke was investigated.
Objective: Vanadyl sulphate, an inorganic tetravalent salt of transition metal vanadium is conventionally used to treat diabetes and by athletes as body-building supplement.
Objective: To estimate urea and creatinine as markers of nephrotoxicity after six months of administration of vanadyl sulphate (VOSO4) to rats.
Induced vanadyl sulphate accumulation in bone, kidney, and liver prevented some alterations classically associated with diabetes, without causing further notable changes in various blood parameters or the histology of various tissues.
Ni in heavy oil is present in form of etioporphyrins (etio III) and are less investigated due to its low concentration compared with Vanadium that is present in form of vanadyl ion (-VO[2.
2010) Nitrogen and carbon isotopic compositions of copper, nickel, and vanadyl porphyrins in Cretaceous OAE black shales.
Vanadate and vanadyl, two oxidized forms of the trace mineral vanadium, appear to have an insulin like action.
910 Oral administration of vanadyl sulphate for 60 days caused a decrease in the weights of testes accessory reproductive organs and the diameter of seminiferous tubules and leydig cells nuclei are reduced.
18] concluded that vanadyl sulphate at antidiabetic doses is not significantly toxic to rats following a one-year administration.
The best absorbed form of vanadium is bis(maltolato)oxovanadium(IV)--it is 2 to 3 times more potent than vanadyl sulfate and has shown less toxicity.