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tr.v. van·dal·ized, van·dal·iz·ing, van·dal·iz·es
To damage or destroy (another's property) willfully or maliciously.

van′dal·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˌvændəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


an act of vandalizing
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The Indian culture does not promote vandalisation of statues of any personality, even if you do not agree with a particular ideology," Singh said.
India, March 12 -- Multiple instances of statue vandalisation across the country have started after Lenin's statue was razed in Tripura by BJP supporters after BJP's victory in state election.
May's strategy of rubbing away a few rough edges might lessen the vandalisation, but it will never successfully eliminate grievous damage to jobs and security.
An ACOMORAN official in Plateau State, Adullahi Sarki while speaking on the protest said it was planned to be peaceful but regretted that 'it was hijacked by hoodlums' adding that his members were not involved in the alleged vandalisation of property and molestation of FRSC officials.
Let people note the vandalisation of the wall by the Chester Road roundabout, so as to facilitate easy access to the site.
GJM general secretary Roshan Giri denied his party's involvement in vandalisation of government offices.
Everyday news of demolition of idols and vandalisation of Temples, killing religious minority members has been pouring in media but who cares or who governs?
Education and instruction has resumed in some of the schools in the area after a two week period characterised by disruption of normal activities in 69 schools, burning and vandalisation of over 20 schools.
PK created different levels of protest and negative response which ranged from physical vandalisation of cinema halls to tearing of posters, and the use of traditional media as well as new media and web 2.
The Modi government has been under attack over Hinduvta outfit campaigns like ' ghar wapsi', love- jihad and recent vandalisation of churches in Delhi and some other towns.
Bassi and instructed him to identify and take to task those involved in the recent vandalisation of a Christian school in South Delhi.
Its report into the 2010 elections highlighted violations, including vandalisation of campaign billboards, making threatening phone calls and sending intimidating text messages, use of children to campaign on behalf of candidates outside polling stations and harassment of veiled women who were trying to cast their vote.