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1. A Vandyke beard.
2. A Vandyke collar.
a. A V-shaped point that is part of a decorative border or edging.
b. A border made up of such points.


or van•dyke


b. Also called Vandyke′ point′. one of the projecting edges of a deeply indented fabric border, esp. of the lace on a Vandyke collar.
c. a border or trim having such edges.
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Noun1.Vandyke - Flemish painter of numerous portraits (1599-1641)Vandyke - Flemish painter of numerous portraits (1599-1641)
2.Vandyke - a short pointed beard (named after the artist Anthony Vandyke)vandyke - a short pointed beard (named after the artist Anthony Vandyke)
beard, face fungus, whiskers - the hair growing on the lower part of a man's face
References in classic literature ?
Vanbrugh and Congreve copied nature; but they who copy them draw as unlike the present age as Hogarth would do if he was to paint a rout or a drum in the dresses of Titian and of Vandyke. In short, imitation here will not do the business.
He drew my arm within his, and led me across the room to a splendid painting of Vandyke's that I had noticed before, but not sufficiently examined.
His face, composed of red and white, like that of the Madonna of Vandyke, was furrowed by two silver rivulets which had dug their beds in his cheeks, as full formerly as they had become flabby since his grief began.
"Sir," said Monte Cristo to him, "I do not recommend my pictures to you, who possess such splendid paintings; but, nevertheless, here are two by Hobbema, a Paul Potter, a Mieris, two by Gerard Douw, a Raphael, a Vandyke, a Zurbaran, and two or three by Murillo, worth looking at."
Bareacres Castle was theirs, too, with all its costly pictures, furniture, and articles of vertu--the magnificent Vandykes; the noble Reynolds pictures; the Lawrence portraits, tawdry and beautiful, and, thirty years ago, deemed as precious as works of real genius; the matchless Dancing Nymph of Canova, for which Lady Bareacres had sat in her youth--Lady Bareacres splendid then, and radiant in wealth, rank, and beauty--a toothless, bald, old woman now--a mere rag of a former robe of state.
Tristram, nodding at the Titians and Vandykes, "these, I suppose, are originals."
Caption: The AbbVie Group: Jon Best, Ania VanDyke, Darryl Thorn, Jennifer Cannon, Michelle Calhoun and Jeff Tremaln.
A former 'maximalist' who used to believe that the best life was to live one in excess, Anita Vandyke now hosts her own Instagram account where she constantly updates her almost 43,000 followers on her zero-waste lifestyle as a future medical doctor.
Anyone with a smartphone could scan a prepopulated QR code on attendees' badges or look them up by name and check them in, says Ross VanDyke, senior director of recruitment for undergraduate admissions.
Principal Bambi VanDyke ushered me into the library to meet with the two religion teachers and Capuchin Fr.
Before the end of the month, police arrested two of the men she had named - Gregory Counts, then 19, and VanDyke Perry, then 21.
"It's an old name partner [of the firm], one of Gordon, Schmidt and VanDyke, I just won't tell you which one it is," the exec producer teased.