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n.1.(Chem.) A salt of vanillic acid.
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4) Thus, we decided to evaluate the efficacy of topical ethyl vanillate 20% cream (vanillic acid ethyl ester) in enhancing the effect of NB-UVB therapy in the treatment of vitiligo in order to lessen total sessions of phototherapy, lessen side effects of it, also to hasten pigmentation of lesions and most importantly strong role for oxidative stress in vitiligo.
Medication was ethyl vanillate 20% cream and placebo was Eucerin (same color as the medication).
They were randomly instructed to apply topical ethyl vanillate 20% cream and placebo (Eucerin) twice daily on the right or left sided specified symmetrical lesions along with 2-3 times a week NB-UVB phototherapy.
Novel coumarin glycoside and phenethyl vanillate from Notopterygium forbesii and their binding affinities for opioid and dopamine receptors.
Typical examples of the low-molecular weight lignin compounds are vanillin, vanillate, syringaldehyde, and syringate.