Vanishing line

(Persp.) the intersection of the parallel of any original plane and the picture; one of the lines converging to the vanishing point.
- Math. Dict.

See also: Vanishing

References in classic literature ?
There is something indescribably alluring to the eye in a portion of flesh seen through an hiatus in the undergarment, more attractive far than when it rises gracefully above the circular curve of the velvet bodice, to the vanishing line of the prettiest swan's-neck that ever lover kissed before a ball.
Somewhere at the crossroads of night A man will come to the vanishing line Of his life.
8] used projected sizes of pedestrians to estimate the vanishing line of a ground plane.
Drawing attention to the vanishing line between manufacturing and services, this book uses input-transformation-output modeling to extend the boundaries of traditional supply chain networks to include the dimensions of producer services, social services, and personal services.
Sherwin , Professor of Law and Director of the Visual Persuasion Project at New York Law School, is the author of Visualizing Law in the Age of the Digital Baroque: Arabesques & Entanglements and When Law Goes Pop: The Vanishing Line between Law and Popular Culture.
Kyle LaBrache and Chris Bradley's "Pittsburgh" walks a vanishing line between fiction and docu to show Jeff Goldblum in a regional theater production of "The Music Man," accompanied by roped-in friends Ed Begley and Illeana Douglas.
Other articles deal with the history of textbook censorship, "readability formulas" that have made school textbooks unreadable, the "dumbing down" effect of media and computers in education, and the vanishing line between the legal system and pop culture.
Fallows is very convincing in many of his arguments about the vanishing line between political reporting and entertainment, but Breaking the News actually falters in one important respect.
We think that it is very important to recognize and understand these processes, not to be paralyzed, but to help us to create spaces of resistance, which confront the lines of flight with neoliberal projects and emerge from them to create vanishing lines.
But as strategies of expropriation, these processes also mark vanishing lines beyond which the subject might dissolve into an empty, anonymous, ruined form.
From nature's special challenges to conflicts between humans and animals, this provides a fine survey of the vanishing lines between wildlife and human boundaries and is a pick for any environmental collection or libraries interested in social issues around the world.
He also identifies the increasing gaps caused by differential access to the new technology and the economy, the vanishing lines between work and leisure time, and the impact of the new media on the family.