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v. i.1.See Vaunt.
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He savet your life, and my life, and ter life of i’ominie Grant, and ter life of ter Frenchman; and, Richard, he shall never vant a pet to sleep in vile olt Fritz Hartmann has a shingle to cover his het mit.
Vell,' said Sam, as they had now arrived near the hotel, 'I vant to have a little bit o' talk with you, Job; so if you're not partickler engaged, I should like to see you at the Great White Horse to- night, somewheres about eight o'clock.
Vell, I vant to tell you right now that it ain't no manner of use.
If you went out at night, your ser- vants carried torches.
Putting her playlist where her mouth is she's showcased no fewer than five of their tracks in her Hottest Record In The World slot - The Answer, Parking Lot, Fly By Alien, Karma Seeker and, most recently, Peace & Love which is a very special song for front man Mattie Vant.
The legal bill for the hearing has been put at PS570,355 - including the cost of "initial legal advice" for both Mr Craik and Mr Vant.
After the tribunal hearing, which was widely reported, Mr Vant complained that he and his partner were let down by the system.
Caption: The Vant wall panel comes in a variety of configurations, colors and finishes.
Mr Jones said it was thought Mr Craik heard rumours his secretary was having an affair with Mr Vant.
It was said of ACC Vant that Ms Bains, 49, "stroked his groin" in her office in front of staff, while notes between them included references to hula hoops and nipple tassels.
VANT will continue to build on this support with the new single Parking Lot.
Caso houvesse necessidade, um botao era acionado no controle remoto e a maquina fotografica digital fixada no VANT capturava a foto no instante desejado.