n.1.The act or process of converting into vapor, or of passing off in vapor; evaporation.
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Once manufacturing the units, a grand ceremony held in Korean Doosan for the occasion of launching the largest evaporator for desalination units using vaporation multi effect in the Doosan in South Korea in the presence of VP of Doosan and general manager of primers and a representative from the Department of operation and maintenance in Yanbu.
As surgeons pass their 20-case learning curve and become more adept at vaporizing with higher power output range of the laser (vaporation increases, coagulation and irritation decreases), this percentage will decline.
here it is now, carrying its North Atlantic windfall, hissing Consider the body of the ocean which rises every instant into me, & its ancient e- vaporation, & how it delivers itself to me, how the world is our law ...
Introducing water into the combustion chamber the temperature of burning is reduced due to the vaporation process.
SWNTs have been made by three primary methods, pulsed laser vaporation and the HiPCo process.
electrical vaporation: destruction of prostate tissue by using an electrified roller