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Noun1.Varanus - type and sole extant genus of the VaranidaeVaranus - type and sole extant genus of the Varanidae
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
family Varanidae, Varanidae - monitor lizards
monitor lizard, varan, monitor - any of various large tropical carnivorous lizards of Africa and Asia and Australia; fabled to warn of crocodiles
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The young, rare Bengal monitor lizard, part of the Varanus Bengalensis species, was seen scurrying about the baggage area at London's Heathrow Airport until Border Force Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) officers were able to catch the animal they believe was brought into the country illegally.
Estimating demographic parameters for a critically endangered marine species with frequent reproductive omission: hawksbill turtles nesting at Varanus Island, Western Australia.
2005: Diet and foraging behavior of the semi-quatic Varanus mertensi (Reptilia: Varanideh).
Offshore Petroleum Regulation After the Varanus Island Explosion and the
Amphibian species captured from cultivated land included Bufo stomaticus, Hoplobatrachu stigerinus and Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis, while reptiles included Varanus bengalensis, Amphiesma stolatum, Ptyas mucosus, Echis carinatus, Calotes versicolor, Bungarus caeruleus.
He said the komodo, scientifically known as Varanus komodoensis, living in Komodo National Park, which includes three islands, Rinca, Padar and Komodo, has attracted worldwide attention as an ancient species that still exist today.
A single Lace Monitor Varanus varius was sighted in December 2005 between the Macrophyte Pond and Bay Road (J Cockayne pers.
Apache will continue to supply gas to the market through its interests in the Macedon, Varanus Island, and Devil Creek Projects.
As a natural gas producer, Apache extracted and processed natural gas from wells on Varanus Island, an island located off the coast of Western Australia.
The new study found a mostly one-way, looping air flow in African savannah monitor lizards, Varanus exanthematicus - one of roughly 73 species of monitor lizards - although there was some tidal airflow in regions of the lungs.
Why they responded by not only assigning Howitt and Fison with descriptive names that accorded with Spencer's sketches of 'crooked nose' and 'pot belly', but also animal names, Atyunpe (perentie, Varanus giganteus) and Atyelpe (western quoll, Dasyurus geoffroii), is far more difficult to ascertain.