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A river, about 385 km (240 mi) long, rising in northwest Macedonia and flowing southward to an arm of the Aegean Sea in northeast Greece.


(Serbian ˈvardar)
(Placename) a river in S Europe, rising in W Macedonia and flowing northeast, then south past Skopje into Greece, where it is called the Axios and enters the Aegean at Thessaloníki. Length: about 320 km (200 miles)


(ˈvɑr dɑr)

a river in S Europe flowing SE from NW Macedonia through N Greece into the Gulf of Salonika. 200 mi. (322 km) long.
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At the same time, they wrote that "the names offered for resolving the name dispute of Macedonia by mediator Matthew Nimetz: Republic of Northern Macedonia, Republic of Upper Macedonia, Republic of Nova Makedonija, Republic of Vardar Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia (Skopje) are very questionable to them".
WILLIAN JOSE hit four goals as Real Sociedad inflicted a record 6-0 home defeat on Vardar of Macedonia in Skopje.
RIGHT: Al Sadd's Hadi Hazem Hamdoon (right) in action against HC Vardar during their IHF Super Globe bronze medal match yesterday.
Meanwhile, Qatar's Al Sadd lost by a whopping 18-goal margin to European champions HC Vardar Skopje of Macedonia in the third-place match of the eight-team tournament earlier in the day.
By defeating Fenerbahce in Istanbul Thursday with 2:1, Vardar won a place in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.
In the event of a victory, EST will face the winners of the RK Vardar (Macedonia) - Naft and Gaz Gashsaran (Iran) game.
Eligibility Criteria : The offers shall be presented in sealed opaque packaging in the building of "Mecho Pooh" village, Ravda, 10 Vardar Str.
La federation internationale de handball (IHF) a rappele dans un communique que ce championnat enregistrera la participation de huit clubs en l'occurence, Al-Sod qatari (club organisateur), RK Vardar (Macedoine/champion d'Europe), l'Esperance de Tunis, CE Pinheiros (Bresil/champions d'Amerique), Sydney University (Australie/champion d'Oceanie), Naft and Gaz Gashsaran (Iran/vice-champion d'Asie), l'Esperance de Tunis (representant de l'Afrique apres le desistement du Zamalek) et FE-chse Berlin (champion en titre) ainsi que le FC Barcelone (wild card).
Eftim Kletnikov dwell in his Nova Makedonija commentary on the joy that the Vardar handball club brought Macedonia by winning the European Champions title as well as on the malice with which some journalists wore about this remarkable achievement.
Fox Berlin, Al Ahly SC, Al Noor Saudi Club, Sydney University Club, Sport Pinheiros club, and RK Vardar are the five teams that are expected to participate in the tournament.
Macedonia is divided into eight statistical regions: Skopje, Northeast, Polosko, Pelagonija, Southeast, Southwest, East and Vardar region.
AD Elektrani na Makedonija has concluded a deal with the Swiss consulting firm AF Consult of 88,626 euros on developing a feasibility study for the Vardar Valley energy project, ELEM said in a statement.