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 (və-rāz′, vä-rĕz′), Edgard 1883-1965.
French-born American composer of arrhythmic and atonal works, including early examples of electronic music.


(Italian vaˈreːse)
(Placename) a historic city in N Italy, in Lombardy near Lake Varese: manufacturing centre, esp for leather goods. Pop: 80 511 (2001)


(Biography) Edgar(d) (ɛdɡar). 1883–1965, US composer, born in France. His works, which combine extreme dissonance with complex rhythms and the use of electronic techniques, include Ionisation (1931) and Poème électronique (1958)


(vəˈreɪ zi, -si)

a city in N Italy, NW of Milan. 90,011.


(vəˈreɪz, -ˈrɛz)

Edgard, 1885–1965, U.S. composer, born in France.
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Noun1.Varese - United States composer (born in France) whose music combines dissonance with complex rhythms and the use of electronic techniques (1883-1965)
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But in Italy I am Marco Facino Cane, Prince of Varese."
DOUBLE Ultra Marathon Cycling Association World Champion Andy Jackson, who is based in Hade Edge, has qualified for the World Championships in Varese after winning his age group in the UCI Denmark Chrono.
1 May 2015 - US packaging company Tekni-Plex's Belgium-based Tekni-Plex Europe NV unit has acquired Italian PVC film manufacturer Gallazzi S.r.l.'s pharmaceutical blister film (Tradate, Varese, Lombardia) and adhesive tape substrate film (Gallarate, Varese, Lombardia) businesses, the company said on Monday..
Federico Varese's highly entertaining and vividly described book, Mafias on the Move, analyzes the variables that determine the success or failure of a mafia group's transfer to a new location through several case studies.
VARESE v SAMPDORIA 7.45pm VARESE came unstuck at the StadioLuigi Ferrarion Wednesday night but they can successfully overturna3-2deficitwhenthe teamsmeetontheirpatchinthe secondlegofthisSerieBplay-off final, writesSteveDavies .
Federico Varese's research into the possibility of economic globalization by mafia families establishes a groundwork model for examining other forms of expanding criminal enterprises.
GORLA, Italy - In front of a loud, capacity crowd in a little gym, the Oregon men's basketball team improved to 2-1 on its exhibition tour of Italy on Tuesday night, defeating Cimerbio Varese, 75-67.
BEIJING Olympic gold medallist Nicole Cooke won cycling's world road race title in Varese on Saturday afternoon to complete an amazing year for the Welsh woman.
They were joined by Mike Evans, the team reserve, and coach Mike Varese who had travelled from West Palm Beach, Florida, to be at the reunion.
Carlsberg said that it has decided to concentrate all of its Italian brewery activities to its existing brewery in Varese north of Milan.
"But Joe got more serious about being cutting edge, to distinguish himself from Brennan's and the supermarkets" as local food retailers developed their wine business, Farnsworth said of the store's owner, Joe Varese. These days, when the law firm asks Farnsworth to assemble the wine offerings for its annual retreat, it's a no-brainer that he will huddle with the knowledgeable staff at Steve's.