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(word root) different, miscellany
Examples of words with the root vari-: variable, variation
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VARI researchers worked with scientists in Singapore, China, and the United States on the study.
Este genero es el de mayor diversidad dentro de los caracidos neotropicales, ademas de ser muy poco conocido y estudiado, con problemas taxonomicos y sistematicos que plantean y requieren la necesidad de su revision (GERY, 1977; HAROLD & VARI, 1994; ROMAN-VALENCIA & CALA, 1997).
VARI's conference committee chairwoman Jayne Isaac said: "Recent international events have had a negative impact on race relations throughout the world, but our research has shown that children were already experiencing racist verbal abuse on a fairly regular basis.'' For further information on the conference and how you can attend, contact NCH Cymru on 029 2022 2127 or Children In Wales on 029 2034 2434.
Vari, in particular, expressed his satisfaction to Michelangelo and in gratitude presented the artist with a horse.(25) Sebastiano offered his own curious praise of the Risen Christ: "The knees of that figure are worth all of Rome."(26) But let us turn our attention from Christ's knees to Vari's remarkable gift.
"Genetic information from Guthrie cards is a valuable resource," said VARI Distinguished Scientific Investigator Jim Resau.
VARI is made up of child welfare specialists from NCH Cymru, Barnardo's, Children in Wales, NSPCC, VALREC, University of Wales and Rhonddha Cynon Taff, Caerphilly and Bridgend local authorities.
License right for sir bhumeela satyanaraya swamy vari temple, Eluru shop no 1 ,2, 3
"You could spray plants to close the pores only when drought or other harsh conditions threaten the plant," said Karsten Melcher, research scientist in the VARI Laboratory of Structural Biology.
In addition to cancer, TGen and VARI eventually will study neurological and behavioral disorders as well as hearing loss and other debilitative conditions in dogs that could relate to people.
"Using our genetic models, we've been able to provide a better understanding of underlying molecular defects that drive the malignant progression of MDS," said VARI Distinguished Scientific Investigator Dr Art Alberts.