Variable exhaust

(Steam Eng.) a blast pipe with an adjustable opening.

See also: Variable

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The vehicle features N Corner Carving Differential (Limited Slip Differential w/ electronic control), Variable exhaust valve system, 19-inch alloy wheels, w/ 235/35R19 Pirelli P Zero summer tyres and 13.6-inch front rotors and 12.4-inch rear rotors (front & rear ventilated).
Describe the hazardous procedures using the primary characteristics to quantify these procedures including: frequency of use (how often is the hazardous material used?); duration of use (what interval of time is the hazardous material used?); toxicity (none, low to high, or an immediate hazard to life and health); volume of effluent or emissions (how much effluent or emissions are given off in the lab process?); characteristics of the effluent (is the effluent a gas, fume, mist, a particulate or powder?); possible conditions to implement variable exhaust air strategies (not occupied in front of containment device, process not active or standby with containment device, sash or containment device door closed)
It has an active sound system so that some of the good engine noise comes in through the car, adding to the sensation of the drive, an active variable exhaust system, launch control, electronic limited slip differential and an electronically controlled suspension.
One of the features designed with the vocational market in mind is variable exhaust cam phasing, used at low engine speeds to increase exhaust temperatures and increase uptime by reducing the need for manual regenerations.
However, the amount of recovered water strongly depended on the operation point, due to the extremely variable exhaust dilution coming from the fluctuating air/fuel ratio of a diesel engine.
The RN30 features specialized high-performance technologies including an Electronic Variable Exhaust system.
The EU6 TD4 unit uses variable exhaust valve timing and selective catalytic reduction for extra cleanliness and, as with most modern diesels, there's an AdBlue after-treatment system that sprays an aqueous urea solution into the exhaust system, neutralising harmful gases like nitrogen oxide.
MUA units for variable exhaust applications should be supplied with a VFD.
I started on the starboard side of the radome, worked aft to the variable exhaust nozzles (VENs), and then on to the port side.
The hook and parts of the aircraft's variable exhaust nozzle assembly were severed from the aircraft.
The latter also features variable exhaust valve timing and sequential multi-port fuel injection, but does away with the combustion chamber trough in the center of the piston that helps stratify the air-fuel charge on the turbo engine.
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