Variable stars

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However, what makes Messier 3 extra special is its unusually large population of variable stars -- stars that fluctuate in brightness over time.
The NGC 1466 also has 49 known RR Lyrae variable stars, which scientists use to measure distances in the universe.
In 1957 the great tome on variable stars Geschichte und Literatur der Lichtwechsels des veranderlichen Sterne was published, compiling everything then known on these objects.
Researchers analyzed previous measurements of five white dwarf variable stars, which periodically grow dimmer and brighter at a rate that Indicates how fast the star Is cooling.
They provide an overview of the different varieties of pulsating variable stars, what causes their pulsation, and how they fit into the general scheme of stellar evolution.
Variable stars offer the amateur astronomer equipped with a small telescope and CCD camera great opportunities for doing some real science with their equipment.
The 60 papers in this collection cover binary stars; variable stars and cataclysmic variables; star formation; high-energy astrophysics and black holes; and galaxies, star clusters, and planets.
in recognition of his valuable contribution to the AAVSO International Database since 1986 of 19 027 visual observations of Southern Hemisphere variable stars; his contributions to minor planet occultation work; his mentoring of many younger observers in the art of variable star observing; and his public education efforts in introducing basic astronomy to the public during the open evenings and star parties at the Pretoria Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa."
Conference on Astrophysics of Variable Stars (2005: Pecs, Hungary) Ed.
In this, he proved to be perfectly right, but not all variable stars are eclipsing variables.
I wish to thank David Levy for writing Observing Variable Stars, which I first read in 1992.
Markwick's interests were not confined to variable stars, but he also undertook hundreds of solar drawings.

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