Variety hybrid

(Biol.) a cross between two individuals of different varieties of the same species; a mongrel.

See also: Variety

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seed description: soy - variety hybrids: mediator - 12 tonnes - variety hybrids: pallador - 16 tonnes - variety hybrid: treasure of pannonia - 20 tons - variety hybrids: isidor - 22.5 tons - variety hybrids: tribor - 3.6 tons ii.
Lowest seasonal incidence was found on the variety Hybrid Shilpa.
Lowest incidence was noted on the variety Hybrid 3715.
Lowest incidence was recorded on variety Hybrid Shilpa.
Incidence on variety Hybrid 3715 was significantly lower than that on these two varieties, but higher than that on all other varieties.
On September 15, highest incidence was found on the variety Hybrid 888 followed by that on Black Pearl.
Variety Hybrid 3715 had a higher borer incidence than that on the varieties Bemisal, Hybrid Shilpa and Hybrid 888 and lower than that on other varieties.
On December 30, incidence was highest on variety Hybrid 888 and lowest on Nirala.
The variety Hybrid Shilpa had the lowest incidence among all the varieties.
Incidence on variety Hybrid 888 was significantly lower than that on varieties Black Beauty and Black Pearl but significantly higher than that on most of the other varieties tested.
The council has been fighting a losing battle against the dark green Spartina grass, a cord variety hybrid,for more than 20 years.