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Adj.1.vase-shaped - shaped in the form of a vase
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Tiny, curious, alien-like, Borne is a vase-shaped anomaly with tendril appendages and a circlet of eyes.
A dogwood poinsettia that McLaughlin grew from seed he received from Le Duc is central to the conservatorys exhibit, though it looks pretty prosaic a lanky vase-shaped shrub with small white bract clusters.
Copulatory complex consists of a long, two clock wise coils of sclerotized copulatory tube, 86 (71-96, n=10) long (across coils), proximally articulating with a vase-shaped accessory piece, 36 (32-40, n=10) long (Fig.
ose that are carry a capital "B" in a vase-shaped design, the presence of which removes any doubt as to the provenance.
Vase-shaped, the body of each is decorated with a frieze depicting the Triumph of Ariadne beneath a band of chased foliage.
Both grow to become large, vase-shaped trees, majestic on their own or divine when planted in rows on either side of an avenue, over which their upper branches meet to form a natural cathedral.
The discovery, published in the July 22 Current Biology, surprised Richter because scientists had previously seen the vase-shaped sponges, known as hexactinellids, growing at a slow pace that would have them maturing in decades.
50) was just as artfully presented - soft and moist prawns in a sweet Marie Rose sauce, layered on top of rocket and in a large, vase-shaped glass - you can also have it in a sandwich.
A handsome and substantial set of ten reproduction burr walnut dining chairs in George I style - each with yoke top rail and broad vase-shaped back with carving to the knees and ball and claw feet - sold for pounds 1,050.
They get their names from the vase-shaped leaves, which are perfectly designed for trapping food.
On one side of the studio, there are a few three-dimensional paintings combining acrylic paints with porcelain paper on canvas, which Savaria calls painting-sculptures; on the other side are a few vase-shaped pieces whose function is denied by the addition of a few other porcelain elements inside; and hanging in the window are a couple of works combining stained-glass, perforated and decorated porcelain pieces.
The case was filled with precious personal objects- a couple of bronze finger rings, a pair of tweezers, two combs and an alabaster unguentarium vessel - a vase-shaped jar - of Egyptian origins.