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a.1.(Physiol.) Concerned in the development and formation of blood vessels and blood corpuscles; as, the vasoformative cells.
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Splenic hamartoma, otherwise known as splenoma or splenadenoma, is another rare vasoformative lesion of the spleen.
15,16) It is a vasoformative malignancy that originates in endothelial cells and occurs most frequently in the skin and superficial soft tissues, although the deep tissues and the viscera have also been affected.
Formal excisional biopsies of multiple satellite neck lesions were consistent with a benign vasoformative lesion, favouring an ulcerated pyogenic granuloma.
B henselae stimulates endothelial proliferation, producing vasoformative lesions that can enlarge, forming large tumors in the skin, bone, bone marrow, respiratory or gastrointestinal tract, lymph nodes, or the central nervous system.
This rudimentary vasoformative architecture is clearly demonstrated with reticulin staining (Figure 2).
Malignant vasoformative (angiogenic) tumors of the soft tissues of the head and neck account for fewer than 0.
Since epithelioid hemangioendotheliomas and angiosarcomas may express cytokeratins, even if a vasoformative tumor is keratin positive, the tumor should be stained with vascular markers.
They are benign vascular malformations that originate in mesodermal nests of vasoformative tissue.
The tumor typically shows features of angiosarcoma including vasoformative architecture with hobnailed appearance (Figure 3) and it has infiltrative margins.
This case also showed a transition to a higher-grade tumor, which was vaguely vasoformative and mitotically active, suggesting progression to an EA.
The cytologic appearance can be epithelioid, spindled, or pleomorphic (Figure 6, A through C), while the architecture can be vasoformative, sievelike, kaposiform, or solid (Figure 7, A through D).