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Noun1.Wassily Kandinsky - Russian painter who was a pioneer of abstract art (1866-1944)
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-- Dora Maar y Picasso, Anni y Josef Albers, Lee Miller y Man Ray, Maria Martins y Marcel Duchamp, Sophie Tauber y Jean Arp, Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera, Sonia y Pierre Delaunay, Leonora Carrington y Max Ernst, Tina Modotti y Edward Weston, Alice Rahon y Wolfrang Paalen, Gabriele Munter y Vassily Kandinsky, Vavara Stepanova y Aleksander Rodchenko ...
La premiere section intitulee "Naissance du paysage moderne (1900-1914)" met en lumiere des chefs-d'oeuvre de Georges Braque, Andre Derain et Albert Marquet, alors que les "Exotismes (1900-1930)" s'invitent dans la section suivante qui evoque les voyages de differents artistes, notamment ceux du peintre russe Vassily Kandinsky, qui a sejourne en Tunisie, ou d'Henri Matisse en Algerie.
Effe e, assim, um artista-geometra, que age expressivamnente em usofruto, de uma linhagem de artistas como Vassily Kandinsky ou Paul Klee, que operavam a visualidade, justamente para requer, da linguagem visual, sua condicao de autonomia perante o mundo dos fenomenos e, portanto, das representacoes figurativas, desencadeando os processos e os procedimentos da metalinguagem--moderna e abstrata (Figura 2, Figura 3).
com Muccia Prada has put something from the Russian abstract expressionist painter Vassily Kandinsky into these groovy sunnies.
The exhibition concludes with Vassily Kandinsky's Study for Improvisation V (1910), bringing us to the brink of pure abstraction.
Par la suite, d'autres auteurs se sont greffes dans le long peloton de mes idoles, tels que Victor Vasarely, Vassily Kandinsky et d'autres plasticiens qui ont marque l'age d'or de la peinture universelle.
In "Art in Motion," which focused on kinetic art, works by three local contemporary artists--Kal Spelletich, Tracey Snelling, and Marshall Elliott--were presented alongside those of six European artists from the modernist avant-garde movement, including Alexander Calder and Vassily Kandinsky. Much like the boisterous energy found in today's San Francisco tech sector, the exhibition was a celebration of experimentation and pushing boundaries.
''If our works are among the discovered art, we will do everything to get them back,'' said Finckh, whose museum lost pieces by Dix, Paul Klee, Vassily Kandinsky and many others.
The teacher corps featured some of the leading figures of the day in the graphic and building arts, among them the painters Paul Klee, Vassily Kandinsky, Oscar Schlemmer, Lyonel Feininger and the architects Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
Es la historia del encuentro de dos grandes personalidades: Vassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) y Franz Marc (1880-1916).
Vassily Kandinsky's abstract "Jaune rouge bleu" (1925) marked the child dancers' first appearance in the show, and they made quite an impression, rolling and dancing around the stage in multicolored tutus.
View rarely seen gems and familiar favorites by artists such as Vassily Kandinsky, Arthur Dove, Franz Kline, Jules Olitski, Louise Nevelson, Alexander Calder, Yves Tanguy and Frank Stella.