Vatican Palace

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Noun1.Vatican Palace - the residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican CityVatican Palace - the residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican City
Citta del Vaticano, Vatican City - the capital of the State of the Vatican City
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Success at their Florentine headquarters of Santa Maria Novella and the Church of San Marco led to prestigious commissions outside of Florence, including employment at the Vatican Palace in Rome under Pope Nicholas V.
To this they added loans from all the major repositories of the artist's graphic works so that notable groups documenting the formulation of the artist's major projects, such as the frescoed decoration of the Pope's library in the Vatican Palace, were included (a version of the exhibition travelled to the Albertina in Vienna in September).
Elected last year, Francis said he wants a church for the poor, drives in an economy car and lives in a guest house instead of a Vatican palace.
Topics include visual dynamics of (un)veiling in early modern Europe, secrets of nature between esotericism and modern science, the secret amplification of power through castle architecture, secrets in the art of Michelangelo, Hebrew and hieroglyphics in Luudovico Mazzolino's devotional paintings, the Vatican palace, urban secrecy and the production of the gaze in 15th century Florence, trade secrets of early engravers, and alchemical interpretations of anatomical "flap" drawings.
With Swiss guards all around guarding the Vatican palace, with passes to enter in and special passes for the wealthy and the mighty, one could not say that the place was a global center that was concerned with 'preaching good news to the poor'.
By hosting a Cash In The Attic Missionary Special in the Vatican palace and letting teams fill their boots with gold.
The Holy Father will meet with the cardinals at the Clementine Hall of the Vatican Palace on the morning of his last day as chief shepherd of the Catholic Church.
Leo X - Drained the papal treasury within two years and had to sell off pieces of the Vatican palace.
The book boasts dramatic settings including the Vatican Palace and gardens, Constantinople, Renaissance Venice and the dangerous post road between England and Rome as well as locations in London.
Murphy also uses her knowledge of art to good effect and reminds readers that Felice may still be seen as the young lady dressed in black in Raphael's Mass of Bolsena in the Vatican Palace apartments once occupied by Julius II.
18) Similar architectural features can be found in Raphael's frescoes in the rooms (stanze) of the papal apartment in the Vatican Palace, especially in the Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple and the Coronation of Charlemagne.
The entire Vatican Palace, with its 1,400 galleries, chapels, and rooms, spreads over 13 acres and houses residences for the pope and his retinue plus one of the world's finest art collections.