Vatican Palace

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Noun1.Vatican Palace - the residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican CityVatican Palace - the residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican City
Citta del Vaticano, Vatican City - the capital of the State of the Vatican City
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Pope Francis, 82, was on his way to bless the Sunday crowd in St Peter's Square when the Vatican Palace lift stopped working, trapping him inside.
The 82-year-old pontiff was trapped inside the Vatican Palace elevator when it stopped working.
Georgina Masson's text, 'Food as a Fine Art in Seventeenth-Century Rome', opens with an appetising description of the banquet hosted in the Vatican Palace by Pope Alexander VII on 26th December 1655.
Also referred to as the Vatican Palace, the Papal Palace, the Sacred Palace and also the Palace of the Vatican, it is located North-East of St.
Their origins reflect the universality of the church," Pope Francis said in surprise address to pilgrims and tourists in Saint Peter's square from a Vatican palace window.
Peter's Square for the pope's weekly greetings from a Vatican palace window.
Success at their Florentine headquarters of Santa Maria Novella and the Church of San Marco led to prestigious commissions outside of Florence, including employment at the Vatican Palace in Rome under Pope Nicholas V.
Elected last year, Francis said he wants a church for the poor, drives in an economy car and lives in a guest house instead of a Vatican palace. He has denounced the ''idolatry of money'' and warned against ''insidious worldliness'' within the church.
Topics include visual dynamics of (un)veiling in early modern Europe, secrets of nature between esotericism and modern science, the secret amplification of power through castle architecture, secrets in the art of Michelangelo, Hebrew and hieroglyphics in Luudovico Mazzolino's devotional paintings, the Vatican palace, urban secrecy and the production of the gaze in 15th century Florence, trade secrets of early engravers, and alchemical interpretations of anatomical "flap" drawings.
With Swiss guards all around guarding the Vatican palace, with passes to enter in and special passes for the wealthy and the mighty, one could not say that the place was a global center that was concerned with 'preaching good news to the poor'.
The Holy Father will meet with the cardinals at the Clementine Hall of the Vatican Palace on the morning of his last day as chief shepherd of the Catholic Church.
Leo X - Drained the papal treasury within two years and had to sell off pieces of the Vatican palace.