Vaughan Henry


 (vôn), Henry Known as "the Silurist." 1622-1695.
Welsh metaphysical poet whose works include Silex Scintillans (1650-1655).
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Malik, 24, of Paignton Road, Edgbaston, and Vaughan Henry, 46, of Willsden, London, had previously been convicted of importing a controlled drug following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court.
<B From top left clockwise: Vaughan Henry, Dev Anand, Grattan Samuels and Adnan Malik
Vaughan Henry from Whitley Bay bagged fish of 7lb and 10lb 8oz while Neil Jones from Hamstort netted a lovely 10lb 8oz blue trout.
The play was 'produced' or directed by Cecil Duncan Jones, and his set designer was Leigh Vaughan Henry. Cecil Duncan Jones was a poet and a published novelist, as well as a professional actor who, around the turn of the nineteenth century, had played in Frank Benson's company on tour and acted with Ellen Terry at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre.
Interestingly, for example, Vaughan Henry himself reported on the event in the New York theatre monthly The Drama of 1916.
Vaughan Henry from Whitley Bay took a 9lb 8oz blue trout on a Yellow Dancer.