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n.1.(Min.) Chromate of copper and lead, of various shades of green.
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No less than 3 (unlabeled) contenders appeared from their 40-year-old newspaper wrappings for Lot 2124 "Chromate of Lead of remarkable beauty, with Phosphate of Lead and Vauquelinite, Beresoff" known to have been acquired by the Duke.
Other associated minerals are: cerussite, bindheimite, vauquelinite, mottramite and pyromorphite.
Species collectors will be happy because there are several dealers in this tent that have quite a few rare minerals, including things like vauquelinite from Russia, as well as wendwilsonite from Morocco.
Berzelius described the dark green mineral that occurred in flattened crystals up to 5 millimeters, as vauquelinite.
1881) Vanadinite and other vanadates, wulfenite, crocoite, vauquelinite, etc.
A veinlet of crystals on blue hemimorphite was once discovered, and pseudomorphs after cerussite have been observed on old-time vauquelinite specimens.