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vec′tor graph′ics

a method of electronically coding graphic images so that they are represented in lines rather than fixed bit maps, allowing an image, as on a computer display screen, to be rotated or proportionally scaled.
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But when I started doing vector art, naisip ko na that's my forte.
Converting to outlines changes the font information to vector art, which can no longer be edited, but will resolve on all computers with a PDF reader.
Vectric also offers Vector Art 3D, a library of CNC-ready dimensional clip art.
So I combined the two and came up with Snackadoodles, my own style of vector art that I integrate with yummy goodies like chips, chocolates, and candies," Jaykee shares.
Covering abstract, retro art, illustration, photo manipulation, lighting effects, vector art and neosurrealism, each chapter provides an explanation of the design style and underlying theory, full color example graphics, discussions with design professionals, and step by step-by-step instructions for accomplishing similar results with popular graphics software applications.
Topics include creating a simple illustration, applying colour, working with text, layers, shapes, 3D effects and converting raster images to vector art.
Shiman according to her website "creates and draws her characters by hand using a lightbox, scans her drawings using Adobe Photoshop, converts the bitamap art to vector art using Adobe Streamline" and then uses Flash software to color and animate her characters.
Anime Studio Debut 8 offers a new Automatic Image Tracing feature that converts any paper drawing into ready-to-animate vector art in one click, helping kids, students, or any new artist to start creating a masterpiece in mere seconds.
Students were free to use traditional media, which would be scanned and tweaked in Photoshop, or to create vector art with tools in Adobe Illustrator or QuarkXPress.
Users can also create web widgets with Illustrator by generating dynamic vector art for data-driven web workflows, and map artwork appearance attributes from designer to developer tools by exporting from the Illustrator Appearance Panel to CSS3 for streamlined styling of web pages.
Creating vector art is a challenge, but the technique has its advantages in the graphics world.
In addition to running his own design studio, J3Concepts, Nickerson serves as art director for the European-based clothing line LaFraise and is Co-Founder of the renowned vector art community "BloodSweatVector.