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also Ved·dah  (vĕd′ə)
n. pl. Vedda or Ved·das also Veddah or Ved·dahs
A member of the earliest people of Sri Lanka, originally forest-dwelling hunters but now almost completely assimilated into the modern Sinhalese population.

[Sinhalese vädda, perhaps from Middle Indic vajjita-, excluded, from Sanskrit varjita-, past passive participle of varjayati, he avoids, shuns, causative of vṛṇakti, he bends, turns.]
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(ˈvɛdə) or


n, pl -da, -das, -dah or -dahs
(Peoples) a member of an aboriginal people of Sri Lanka, characterized by slender build, dark complexion, and wavy hair, noted for their Stone Age technology
[C17: from Sinhalese: hunter, of Dravidian origin]
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In Indians (Bunning & Barnett; Gupta et al.; Padmanabhan, 1986; Mol et al.; Sharada et al.; Sarvaiya et al.; Garg et al.; Anjaneyulu et al.; Kullar et al., 2015), Koreans (Jung et al.), Africans (Bunning & Barnett), Veddah (Bunning & Barnett) and Turks (Uygur et al.) type B was the commonly observed calcanei.
No doubt historians, anthropologists as well as archeologists will have a field day on this issue, but at the end of the day, the only thing we may all agree on is that the aborigine people or the known, original inhabitants of countries should be reclaiming their rightful land, with Aborigines in Australia claiming all of Australia, the Veddah's of Sri Lanka claiming all of Sri Lanka, the Native Indians claiming the USA, the Maoris claiming New Zealand.
If the Veddah community is regarded as Sri Lankan aborigines, they enjoy equal rights with all other citizens), have to be addressed through a process of constructive engagement with Chief Minister Jayalalitha.