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also Ved·dah  (vĕd′ə)
n. pl. Vedda or Ved·das also Veddah or Ved·dahs
A member of the earliest people of Sri Lanka, originally forest-dwelling hunters but now almost completely assimilated into the modern Sinhalese population.

[Sinhalese vädda, perhaps from Middle Indic vajjita-, excluded, from Sanskrit varjita-, past passive participle of varjayati, he avoids, shuns, causative of vṛṇakti, he bends, turns.]
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Using few words, little evidence, and no examples, Barnes (1896-97/ 1903b) effectively dismisses the cultures of the Australian Bushmen, the Veddahs of India, Sandwich Islanders, several American Indian tribes, the Eskimo, and the ancient Mexicans as she ranks them.
The Sinhalese and Tamils are in the majority, and there are also Muslims, aboriginal Veddahs, Malaysians and Burghers (people of mixed European and Sri Lankan heritage).
Australian Aborigines, the Veddahs of Ceylon) were identified as the least evolved and destined for extinction.