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n.1.A Russian liquid measure, equal to 3.249 gallons of U. S. standard measure, or 2.706 imperial gallons.
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The programme features Vivaldi's effervescent violin concerto Il Grosso Mogul and arrangements for a violin solo of two of his most revered soprano arias - Nulla in Mundo Pax and Vedro con mio diletto.
Fino a quando lo vedro come un gioco penso che mi piacera fare quello che faccio" (man, 60 years old)
The earliest Estonian works here are songs published in 1898 by Miina Harma (1864-1941), and the latest are works by Artur Kapp (1878-1952) and Adolf Vedro (1890-1944) from 1938.
Vedro author; Jennifer Hadley illustrator; DIGITAL DHARMA: A USER'S GUIDE TO EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE INFOSPHERE; Quest Books (Body Mind & Spirit) $16.
8) Infosphere is a term used probably for the first time by Steven Vedro in his book "Digital Dharma".
Amit Goswami, author of "The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment," and Steven Vedro, author of "Digital Dharma: A User's Guide to Expanding Consciousness in the Infosphere," will be at the UO for a discussion and book signing.
9-11: 149th NTA Annual Meeting, Free Trade For Us, Ponte Vedro, FL: National Textile Association, 6 Beacon St.
OVER'D (OED over 1825q), ROVDE (OED rove 1579q), ROVED (many), VEDOR (OED veedor), VEDRO (OED), VODER (OSPD, or Voder in OED random 1939q), VORDE (OED worth), VORED (TEA), VREDO (OED burning 1552q)