Vegetable parchment

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Beginning in 1974 and continuing up to the present day, a number of devoted library staffers have recorded the oral histories of the citizenry--a tribute to Parchment's storied past, particularly scoped to the venerable impression forged by Kindleberger and the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Co.
One paper manufacturer, the picturesquely named Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company, had everything GPO needed, including an up-to-date ink grinding mill and a good research laboratory.
Ahistom NatureMold provides a range of features that benefit food processors and their brands Key benefits include heat resistance (up to 220[degrees]0428T), easy release, high wet strength and the superior grease resistance thanks to unique genuine vegetable parchment.
Our products are used in a large variety of everyday applications, including tea bags, coffee pods, food packaging, baking molds and trays, and genuine vegetable parchment for cooking, baking and wrapping.
The group is a producer of vegetable parchment and has parchmentising and converting operations located in West Carrollton, Ohio in the US.
With tabletop products ranging from vegetable parchment bowls to recycled glass to soapstone and stoneware, Viva-Terra has focused solely on eco-friendly items since it began in 2004.