Vein quartz

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1.Quartz occurring as gangue in a vein.
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The discovery of a linear train of vein quartz and brecciated vein, extending 230 m northeasterly from a talus sample that assayed 2340 g/t gold and 597 g/t silver to an outcrop of altered and oxidized breccia grading 33.3 g/t gold and 654 g/t silver.
Caption: Figure 4: Microphotographs showing intergrowth of minerals (a-e), photographs of rock cores (f-i); (a) subhedral-anhedral pyrite and chalcopyrite; (b) subhedral-anhedral galena and sphalerite; (c) quartz coexisting with molybdenite; (d) metasomatic magnetite by pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite; (e) solid solution separated sphalerite and chalcopyrite; (f) mass chalcopyrite in quartz porphyry; (g) vein quartz coexisting with chalcopyrite; (h) vein molybdenite in quartzporphyry; (i) conglomeration molybdenite in quartz porphyry (Py: pyrite; Ccp: chalcopyrite; Gn: galena; Mag: magnetite; Mlb: molybdenite; Po: pyrrhotite; Sp: sphalerite; Qtz: quartz).
Particularly common are chrysocolla chalcedony infillings in milky white vein quartz. The diaphaneity of the chrysocolla chalcedony ranges from translucent to semi-transparent.
- The outcropping Mahdewa vein has been mapped along strike for 200m with coarse grained galena (lead sulphide) disseminated through vein quartz. Initial XRF results of several hand samples has returned up to 80% lead, however the vein appears to have a representative grade of approximately 8.56% lead.
Samples taken from representative outcrops of altered rock and vein quartz have returned assays between 0.25 g/t Au to 35 g/t Au.
Scott, S.D., and O'Connor, T.P., 1971, Fluid inclusions in vein quartz, Silverfields Mine: Canadian Mineralogist, v.
Some of the mineralized vein quartz (carrying gold, stibnite or hessite) in the Emperor mine is colored dark gray to black by inclusions of pyrolusite.
One RC hole from the current program targeted a bottom of hole anomaly of 1m @1g/t Au associated with vein quartz within the centre of the Dalray anomaly.