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 (vē′lə, vā′-)
A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Pyxis and Carina.

[Latin vēla, pl. of vēlum, sail (so called because it formed the sails of the formerly recognized constellation Argo Navis, considered to represent Jason's ship, the Argo ).]


Plural of velum.


n, Latin genitive Velorum (viːˈlɔːrəm)
(Astronomy) a constellation in the S hemisphere, close to Puppis and Carina and crossed by the Milky Way, that has four second-magnitude stars and a young bright pulsar


(ˈvi lə)

pl. of velum.


(ˈvi lə, ˈveɪ-)

n. gen. Ve•lo•rum (viˈlɔr əm, -ˈloʊr-, veɪ-)
the Sail, a southern constellation.
[< Latin, pl. of vēlum sail]
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Noun1.Vela - a constellation in the southern hemisphere between Carina and Pyxis; "because of its configuration Vela is sometimes called `the Sails'"
Argo - formerly a large constellation in the southern hemisphere between Canis Major and the Southern Cross; now divided into Carina and Pyxis and Puppis and Vela
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