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Paulina Alejandra Flores de los Rios (1); Francela Valeria Borja Hernandez (2); Velia Munoz Alanis (2); Adolfo Soto Dominguez (3); Claudia Alicia Melendez Wong (2); Ruben Garcia Garza (1); Joel Jimenez Villarreal (4);Nadia Denys Betancourt Martinez (5); Daniel Almaraz Celis (6) & Javier Moran Martinez (5,6)
"We are delighted to start this cooperation with Master Abrasives," commented Nicola Velia, head of sales and business development at Microdiamant, adding: "Together we can make use of synergies and ensure that customers in the UK and Ireland benefit from this combined expertise."
The indictment said, together with a group of other Bosnian Serb soldiers, during the same month, they also killed Hasan and Hima AhmetAehajiA, Himza VeliA, Ebil MandA3/4ukiA and Safet MuratAehajiA in the Barakovac neighborhood, shooting from firearms.
VF announced the appointment of Velia Carboni to the new position of Chief Digital Officer.
He leaves behind his adoring wife Velia, devoted son Paul and daughter Susan and her husband Chris.
CAPASSO Velia of Loughborough, passed away peacefully in her sleep after a long illness on Saturday 20th January 2018 aged 86 years.
Velia Govaere, a columnist for the influential daily La Nacion, blamed the indecision on the candidates' lack of appeal.
She owned a restaurant called Marcello, while her mother, Velia Pistolozzi, owned a trattoria near Siena.