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1. Venerable.
2. Venice.
References in classic literature ?
"You had ought to haf had a doctor, und not vaited so long--it vas too late already ven I come." Once more there was deathlike stillness.
"How do you tink she can be ven you leave her to kill herself so?
No, no; reg'lar rotation, as Jack Ketch said, ven he tied the men up.
'Two coves in vhite aprons-- touches their hats ven you walk in--"Licence, Sir, licence?" Queer sort, them, and their mas'rs, too, sir--Old Bailey Proctors --and no mistake.'
We eats our biled mutton without capers, and don't care for horse-radish ven ve can get beef.'
“I telt yon vat, gal!” said the old German, good-humoredly ; “if I vas as I vas ven I servit mit his grand-fader on ter lakes, ter lazy tog shouldn’t vin ter prize as for nottin’.”
Brezendly, ven I haf dze zilver bolished und my odder dudies zo numerous berformed, I do Herr Blazzervig vil vith von liddle szdory vich you do know go.
Ven der man bets on himself dat is der time you bet too--"
"We analyzed the needs and challenges in the knowledge and content management marketplace," said Ven Eman, "and concluded that coupling our M.A.I.
Sentencing killer van der Ven, Judge Pieter Santema said there were real fears he could do the same again.
The Ven Michael Paget Wilkes, Archdeacon of Warwick, will travel to Sudan and Uganda on his way to Australia.