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Their debut album, To Venemous Depths, has drawn rave reviews from the critics.
ONE thing guaranteed to spoil picnic plans is the arrival of a swarm of wasps - each equipped with a venemous sting that causes a sharp pain and burning sensation.
The Burmese python, which is not venemous but instead uses its constrictor ability to crush its prey, is seen wrapped around the length of the alligator's body.
They looked set for an opening draw until Payet took the ball on the right flank, cut inside and struck a venemous drive to send the crowd into raptures.
If history has the potential to repeat itself and Spenser's epic may yet be subject to "venemous despite" and "a mighty Peres displeasure" like the authors "former writs" (41.1-6), then it is also possible that the Beast can be bested once more.
However, the benefits of weight savings and venemous power wouldn't mean much if it couldn't be planted to the road, so Shelby wisely gave it an adjustable suspension and big, big brakes.
What is extraordinary is the venemous reaction to his candidacy of the Labour hierarchy and much of the media.
NAKED celebrities, close brushes with death, highly venemous snakes...
Being unable to elicit anything from the prisoner, the Persians began to vary the manner of torture, the flesh of the Koord was pinched with hot tweezers, his beard was pulled hair by hair from his chin, his gums were seared, his finger nails torn from their sockets, still the man remained firm, his courage becoming greater, as his persecutors became enraged, and truly maddened with fury, like venemous reptiles they vented their rage upon the unflinching object, tearing his flesh from his body, and inflicting every pang than human invention could devise, and human cruelty could perform.
Haunted by the ghost of the most unlikely person Willow would ever want to befriend, she is stuck with the vacuous, venemous JoJo until she is able to uncover the truth behind her death.