Vent field

(Gun.) a flat raised surface around a vent.

See also: Vent

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The common knowledge of vent field distribution--that they're typically separated by tens or hundreds of kilometers--was not telling the whole story," says Edward Baker, an oceanographer at the University of Washington in Seattle.
As it turned out, that day in Redfield wasn't his last chance to peer into a vent field or go to sea himself on a scientific expedition.
The only other location where carbonate chimneys are known to exist in the deep sea is the "Lost City" vent field in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
The other joint winner was Patrick O'Driscoll, who submitted Standard Definition video footage from the Kongsberg Maritime OE14-366 Colour Zoom Camera acquired using the Irish Marine Institute's ROV Holland 1 during the 2011 Venture expedition, which located a new mid-Atlantic ridge vent field to the North of the Azores in 3000m of water.
The vents -- baptised the Beebe Vent Field in honour of the first scientist to venture into the deep ocean -- were discovered on the Caribbean seafloor in the Cayman Trough, south of the Cayman Islands.
The vents, which the team named the Beebe Vent Field after the first scientist to venture into the deep ocean, are gushing hot fluids that are unusually rich in copper, and shooting a jet of mineral-laden water four times higher into the ocean above than other deep-sea vents.
1997) described a new taxon, Rimicaris aurantiaca Martin, Signorovich and Patel 1997, as the second representative of Rimicaris based on material from Snake Pit vent field on the MAR, but the subsequent genetic studies suggested that the taxon was founded from juvenile of R.
The difference in what's available is because water circulates through the Lost City hydrothermal vent field via serpentinization, a chemical reaction between seawater and the mantle rock on which Lost City sits.
Chimney growth rates and metal deposition at the Broken Spur vent field.
Other Guaymas Basin research will include investigating the overall thermal output of a hydrothermal vent field.
American researchers, led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, left Florida on a research cruise on January 6 to further explore the Cayman vent field.