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a.1.Of or pertaining to ventilation; adapted to secure ventilation; ventilating; as, ventilative apparatus.
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Ventilative cooling is the application of ventilation air flow to reduce the cooling loads in buildings.
To develop new attractive energy efficient ventilative cooling solutions
Interior convective heat transfer in buildings with large ventilative flow rates.
It can thus form a moisturizing and ventilative membrane that makes the skin feel lubricated and "glowing.
Providing Alluminium Ventilation Grill, Mosquito Jali, Repairs Doors & Windows Ventilative Floor, Plinth Protection, Paver Blocks, Water Proofing, Drainage Line & E.
Cost benefit analysis of the night-time ventilative cooling in office building, Proceedings of the International Conference on Healthy Buildings, Singapore, Dec.
Ventilation appears in Title 24 not only as a minimum ventilation requirement but also in the form of ventilative cooling.
Cost-benefit analysis of the nighttime ventilative cooking in office buildings.
An experimental investigation of air flow and convective heat transfer in enclosures having large ventilative flow rates.
Table 4 summarizes test results for different room ventilative flow rates.
2003) reported that a solar chimney could reduce the load on the air-conditioning system (by using ventilative cooling), resulting in an average electrical savings of 10% to 20%.
The natural ventilation system is intended to rely primarily on stack effect to drive ventilation flows and to utilize night cooling when direct ventilative cooling is likely to be insufficient.