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Venturi tube

1. (General Physics) physics a device for measuring fluid flow, consisting of a tube so constricted that the pressure differential produced by fluid flowing through the constriction gives a measure of the rate of flow
2. (General Physics) Also called: venturi a tube with a constriction used to reduce or control fluid flow, as one in the air inlet of a carburettor
[C19: named after G. B. Venturi (1746–1822), Italian physicist]
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ven•tu′ri tube`

(vɛnˈtʊər i)
1. a device for measuring fluid flow, consisting of a tube constricted in such a way that a pressure differential is created between the center and the ends.
2. an alteration in the shape of the throat of a carburetor for controlling the flow of fuel.
[after German. B. Venturi (1746–1822), Italian physicist]
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Noun1.venturi tube - a short tube inserted into a pipeline and used to measure the quantity of a liquid that is flowing in the pipelineVenturi tube - a short tube inserted into a pipeline and used to measure the quantity of a liquid that is flowing in the pipeline
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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Ventus is the perfect wedding between transforming mechanical energy into a 5V curent using a micro generator and fluid dynamics lowering the cabin's temperature using venturi effect principals.
Whenever wind direction aligns with constrictions in the terrain, there is a Venturi effect, where localized winds near the constriction will accelerate and areas on the boundaries near the constriction can be turbulent.
The main space is defined by the double-volume ceiling, which creates a kind of 'Venturi effect' that forces the wind up when clerestory windows above are open, thus releasing warm air accumulated inside the house.
VSD closure alone was found to be sufficient to halt Venturi effect. No patient showed progression of Aortic valve prolapse leading to regurgitation after mean follow up of 33 months (2.8 years).
Their simple design employs water running through a narrowing tube to create a reduced pressure via the Venturi effect. Since a stream of continuously running water is required to operate the pump, a significant amount of water is wasted.
Last month I said I would mention a very rare case where we created a Venturi effect with venting, which contributed to a visual defect on the part.
Many respiratory therapy students and practitioners alike have grappled over such fluid physics models as the law of continuity, Bernoulli principle, and Venturi effect. These three concepts of fluid physics will be discussed from theoretical and from a clinical perspectives.
Combining a hemispherical heating element array with a unique mounting configuration at the blower inlet, the system is constructed to use the Venturi effect. By drawing air through the heating element with the blower inlet before it enters the discharge airstream, discharge airstream velocity remains unobstructed for efficient: heat transfer in a full laminar pattern.
Among the most recent additions is the HEAT 655 CS, the suffix indicating compatibility with use in Confined Space by virtue of a solid back-blast reduction counter-mass used in combination with the Venturi effect to neutralise the recoil.
This creates a venturi effect that increases the wind speed before the wind-stream interacts with the turbine blades, ensuring electricity can be generated even on mildly breezy days.