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 (vĭ-no͞o′zhən, -shē-ən, -nyo͞o′-)
Of, relating to, or characteristic of the planet Venus.
A hypothetical inhabitant of the planet Venus.
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(Astronomy) of, occurring on, or relating to the planet Venus
(Astronomy) (in science fiction) an inhabitant of Venus
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(vəˈnu ʃən, -ʃi ən, -si ən, -ˈnyu-)

1. of or pertaining to the planet Venus.
2. a supposed being inhabiting Venus.
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nVenusbewohner(in) m(f)
adjVenus-; Venusian landscapeVenuslandschaft f
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According to Russian researchers, the Venera landers on Venus have captured direct photographic evidence of venusian life forms.
Venusian Strain - Pocket Money Games Indie studio Pocket Money Games is developing Venusian Strain - a horror survival game that will let players kill zombies in Newcastle and Gateshead.
Indie studio Pocket Money Games is developing Venusian Strain - a horror survival game that will letplayers kill zombies in Newcastle and Gateshead.
65 BC: Horace, Roman poet, was born in Venusian Apulia.
65 BC: Roman poet Horace was born in Venusian Apulia.
* DAVID GRINSPOON is author of Venus Revealed: A New Look Below the Clouds of Our Mysterious Twin Planet (1997), in which he first hypothesized about microbial life in Venusian clouds.
The Venusian atmosphere, which is largely carbon dioxide, and sulphuric acid at high altitudes, is at a pressure that is 92 times the pressure on Earth and the mass of the atmosphere is 93 times the mass of the Earth's atmosphere.
Detected about 40 miles above the Venusian surface by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Akatsuki spacecraft in 2015, the phenomenon measured approximately 6,200 miles long and stayed almost stationary despite being buffeted by winds of close to 225 mph.
At roughly 224.7 earth days, Venus' year is almost 20 earth days less than one Venusian day.
This phenomenon, known as 'super-rotation', sees Venusian winds rotating up to 60 times faster than the planet below, pushing and dragging along clouds within the atmosphere as they go.
A Texas outlaw with a Venusian soul, McConaughey is a unique, absurd screen presence that doesn't quite fit into traditional Hollywood archetypes, but with a slight change of course, he can still burn brighter than any star.