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Noun1.Igor Stravinsky - composer who was born in Russia but lived in the United States after 1939 (1882-1971)
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(59.) See, for example, the description of one of these analytical sessions in the letter from Sister Ignatia Dourney to Boulanger, April 1, 1971, NLa 105 (404-6), BN; see also Boulanger's nostalgic recounting of one such occasion in the letter to Vera Stravinsky, September 14, 1950, Stravinsky Sammlung, PSS.
Elsewhere Boulanger makes fleeting appearances in the publication of Vera's diaries (Dearest Bubushkin) and in some materials from Vera Stravinsky (Stravinsky in Pictures and Documents [New York: Simon and Schuster, 1978]).